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How the apartments are situated
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Mountains are reflected in the lake
Horses grazing above the lake

Summer, sun, mountains & lake

Your summer holiday in the border triangle Italy, Austria, Switzerland

Lake Reschen and Reschen Pass are the ideal holiday region for your summer holiday in South Tyrol. Experience the pure nature in this sun-kissed region. The breathtaking view over Lake Reschen and the Alps.

Hiking tip 1: Border stone

Hike to the border stone

Diversions at every turn: The hike from Reschen to the border stone here is only an example. The tour leads you over 12.9 kilometers through 3 countries: You start in Reschen in the Vinschgau Valley and walk up to the border stone, whose edges touch Italian, Swiss and Austrian ground. Stop for a break and admire this unique geographically point.

Hiking tip 2: Reschen - Rojen

Hiking trail from the village of Reschen to Rojen

Almost 500 meters above the village of Reschen lies the tiny village of Rojen. Hikers taking this idyllic, but fairly steep trail to Rojen (trail number 6) will be richly rewarded for their climb with a unique attraction. The shingle roofed chapel of St. Nicholas is with its unique murals an art historical gem. You can pick up the key for your visit in the guest house.

The Reschen Pass - a vacation paradise for walking, hiking, climbing and mountaineering: You can choose between different levels of difficulty. The high mountains of the Ortles-Cevedale-group in the National Park Stilfserjoch on the one hand. And, on the other hand, the comfortable walkways and walking along flat Waale (water irrigation channels) paths of the Vinschgau valley. In these Waale you can still see today the traces of the reclamation of the Vinschgau valley.

Hiking tip 3: Reschen – anti-tank barrier Plamort

Hike along the Reschen limit – anti-tank barrier Plamort

A rewarding day of hiking guides you from the village of Reschen past the Adige river source to the Plamort plateau. About 500 m above Reschen you will be rewarded for the ascent with an impressive view over the high moor of Plamort, which has the status of a natural monument.

Even better known is Plamort though for its anti-tank barrier. This vast military border fortification above Reschen dates back to the 2. World War. It is part of the "Alps wall", which was built by Mussolini to ward off an invasion of Hitler. Today the anti-tank barrier Plamort as well as a part of the bunker is open to tourists and invites history interested hikers to visit.

» Check out the portal for more information on the anti-tank barrier

Hiking tip 4: Langtaufer valley

Hiking tour through the Langtaufer valley

Above the village of Graun at Lake Reschen spreads the beautiful Langtaufer valley to the hamlet of Melag at an altitude of 1915 meters. This is the highest year-round inhabited town in South Tyrol. The landscape has preserved its originality to date. Here at the valley head you experience an impressive panorama of the Ötz valley glaciers. The high valley of Langtaufer is in the summer a good starting point for extensive hiking and climbing tours at the Weißkugel, the second highest summit of the Ötz valley alps.

Biking tours in the Vinschgau valley

The Vinschgau valley is sunny and dry. Bikers appreciate that a refreshing wind blows. In our alpine region you will find a lot of variety of tours for bikes and mountain bikes. A 150 km long network of signposted bicycle paths and demanding biking tours in the mountains await you.

With the Adige valley bike path, the Vinschgau valley possesses a real highlight. Starting point is your holiday resort Reschen. Here the Adige river has its source. Many places and attractions along the course of the river wait to be discovered.

Bike tip 1: Tour around Lake Reschen

By bike around Lake Reschen

Directly in front of your apartment in Reschen passes the bike path around Lake Reschen. From Reschen bike on the left side along Lake Reschen in the direction of Graun. On the way impresses the mighty Ortler massif. The bike path runs along the bay with the half sunken church tower of St. Catherine. The church sunk together with the district Alt-Graun during the flooding of the artificial lake in the lake. Today the church tower in the lake provides tourists in front of a unique alpine panorama a stunning photo motive. The whole scenery looks like magic. You biked approximately 18 kilometers if you continue your round tour via St. Valentin on the Haide around the lake.

Bike tip 2: Reschen- Merano

From Reschen to Merano on the Adige valley bike path

You bike on historical paths by following the tradition-rich Vinschgau (Venosta valley) bike path for about 80 kilometers from Reschen to Merano. This route is also known as "Vinschgau bike path" or "bike path Vinschgau ". It leads past Lake Reschen, Lake Haider, fruit and apple orchards and ponds.

The Vinschgau bike path is the first section of the famous Adige valley route. The Adige valley bike path starts at the Adige river source in Reschen and ends in Verona. The Adige valley bike path and with it the Vinschgau bike path runs along the ancient Roman road, the Via Claudia Augusta, the trade route, which ran at the time from Augsburg to the Adriatic. Many sights along the route to Merano include the imposing Benedictine Monastery Marienberg at Burgeis, the medieval town of Glurns, the Churburg in Schluderns, the Castle Juval by Reinhold Messner and the village of Naturns with its early medieval frescoes in the church of St.-Patroklus.

The Adige has its source in Reschen but is already after a few kilometers when reaching Lake Haider a wild river.

The Adige valley bike path runs mainly away from the roads. From Mals it goes conveniently downhill. The popularity of the route is also reflected in the various bike rental stations on the way. Parallel from Mala to Merano travels the tradition-rich Vinschger railway.

Bike tip 3: Enduro trails at the Reschen Pass (mountain biking)

New enduro trails on the border triangle Italy, Austria, Switzerland

With the new single trails and enduro trails on the Reschen Pass, the holiday region has a further attraction. Experience technically demanding, but also for beginners suitable trails. 1 bike pass for 4 mountain cableways: Use for the "ascent" the comfort of cableways Schöneben, Haideralm, Mutzkopf, Bergkastel and focus on the trails up in the mountains.

A special highlight for single trail fans is the 3 countries tour through the border region of Italy, Austria, and Switzerland.

» More information to the 3 countries enduro trails offers

Note: The bike mobile card

In the summer season you will benefit from the combined ticket bike mobile card. Included are rental bikes that you can find at the train stations and rental offices of "South Tyrol bike". Furthermore this ticket offers unlimited use of bus, train in the whole of South Tyrol and even to Müstair in Switzerland. Included are regional trains, regional buses and various cable cars. The bike mobile card can be purchased optionally for 1, 3 or 7 days.