"Mein Dörfl" at Reschen at the Lake Lake Reschen in Summer Kite Surfing on the Lake Reschen Green Lake Reschen Ship excursion on the Lake Reschen
"Mein Dörfl" at Reschen at the Lake
Lake Reschen in Summer
Kite Surfing on the Lake Reschen
Green Lake Reschen
Ship excursion on the Lake Reschen

Reschen and Lake Reschen (Lago di Resia)

The preferred location of your holiday destination Reschen

Reschen (italian: Resia) at the lake is an ideal holiday destination. This is due to Lake Reschen. But not only: Because what would be the lake without its mountains? In the midst of the mountain panorama with the Klopaier top and Piz Lad you will find with us deep rest and relaxation.

The village of Reschen at 1,497 m above sea level with its approximately 900 inhabitants is also very well known for its source. In Reschen originates the second largest river in Italy - Adige river - and also the well-known Adige valley bike path starts here. From the village center of Reschen a short walk leads up to the Adige river source.

Active in Summer

Active in SummerStroll leisurely along the beautiful lakeside promenade in Reschen. Or spend your free time with a wide range of water sports on Lake Reschen. The border triangle Italy, Austria, Switzerland offers you a wealth of leisure activities in addition to boat tours and active sport on the lake. Explore the mountain region above Lake Reschen. Take advantage of our biking and hiking tips with many rewarding excursion destinations.

Kite surfing

Kite surfing on Lake Reschen

The fresh wind makes Lake Reschen to a water sports paradise. Experience the thrill and excitement of a special kind when kite surfing. Courses are offered in a kite surf school directly on site.


Sailing with perfect wind

Word has spread: Lake Reschen offers perfect conditions for sailing races. For several years sailing has therefore established itself here. A major event is the International Turmregatta Lake Reschen (ITA). The sporting competition is for sailors and spectators a special attraction. More information for sailors can be obtained at the sailing club Lake Reschen.

Boat trips

Boat trips with the MS Hubertus

Cozy boat trips await connoisseurs. In the summer months, boat trips are offered on the motor vessel MS Hubertus Interregio with 50 seats on Lake Reschen.

Active in the winter

Lake Reschen is called the Mecca of snow kiters. Here exist the ideal conditions: The large snowy lake surface. And additionally enough wind: So that ski or snowboard glide lightning fast with the towing kite over the lake. Reschen is well known to skiers because of the ski area Schöneben. It is located as well as the Austrian ski area of Nauders quickly accessible in Skiparadies Reschenpass.

Snow kiting

Snow kiting on Lake Reschen

There is a lot to be experienced by winter sports enthusiasts and also by spectators on Lake Reschen and the adjacent Haidersee. Every winter the international Snow kite Worldcup will take place on Lake Reschen. Thanks to the fresh wind and a lot of snow kite skiing on ski or snowboard leads to rapid speed. The world speed record in snow kiting is currently 111.2 kilometers per hour.

Ice skating and speed skating

Ice skating and speed skating

The strength of the ice of Lake Reschen in winter is about 40 cm. A smooth track on the edge of the snowy lake is made for ice skaters. This round trip on Lake Reschen is for ice skaters a very special experience. But this is not nearly enough: Lake Reschen offers speed skaters also perfectly prepared speed skating tracks. Competitions like the Speed Skating Marathon on Lake Reschen are a demanding winter sports spectacle before a magnificent backdrop.

Ice sailing

Ice sailing

Even higher speeds can be reached by ice sailing than by the already rapid snow kiting. The World Speed Record for ice sailing is at 135 kilometers per hour. Lake Reschen offers along with the smaller Haidersee good conditions for passionate ice sailors in December and January. Therefore here in Vinschgau various championships take place.

Lake Reschen: From a natural lake to an artificial lake

If you are a tourist today and take in the beautiful promenades and shore zones of Lake Reschen, you hardly suspect the history this place has to tell.

And only a few time witnesses who experienced the flooding of Lake Reschen in 1950 still live in Reschen. Previously there were two natural lakes at Reschen and Graun, the former Lake Reschen and Mittersee. But a bigger artificial lake was needed to operate a water power plant to supply power to northern Italy. Today, the artificial lake is generous 6 kilometers long and up to 1 kilometer wide. The accumulated water drives via a 12 kilometer long tunnel a power plant in Schluderns. The two natural lakes sank back then into the floods. As well as the village Alt-Graun with its famous church tower and a large part of the village Reschen. Today the sunken church tower of Graun of the former parish church of St Catherine is protected as a historic monument and is considered to be THE attraction of Lake Reschen.

The lake and its sights

We recommend as holiday reading the comprehensive work "Churches and chapels around Lake Reschen". The book is the result of a student project. Teacher and pastor as authors have researched together with the students and have collected a lot of knowledge about the architectural and historical highlights around Lake Reschen.

Also the famous Benedictine Monastery Marienberg above Burgeis opened for this project its doors to its archive. Insider knowledge can be found regarding the church of Saint Nicholas in Rojen with its late Gothic frescoes, Lake Reschen sunken parish church of Alt-Graun and the churches and chapels in Reschen, Graun, Longtaufers and St. Valentin.