Impressions of Lake Reschen in Summer View on the Apartments of MeinDörfl Mein Dörfl - how the apartments are situated Boats in front of the Apartments Turquoise blue Lake Reschen in Summer
Impressions of Lake Reschen in Summer
View on the Apartments of Mein Dörfl
Mein Dörfl - how the apartments are situated
Boats in front of the Apartments
Turquoise blue Lake Reschen in Summer


Data Protection Codex

In the sense of Article 13 of the Decree No. 196 of June 30, 2003 which represents the law, WE INFORM you that we process personal data from customers and suppliers as well as data from people who deliberately give their particulars to our business (personally, on the telephone, by fax or by e-mail), including registering on our web page, as well as details from people whose data is given by third parties, for example when recording external data for business upgrade information, public directories etc., although in the latter case this solely concerns personal data of a common/ordinary kind and nature. Our business guarantees, in the context of legal standards, that the processing of personal data is carried out under consideration of basic rights and liberties as well as the dignity of the person involved, with special regard to the obligation to maintain secrecy, the personal identity and the right to have personal data protected.

Objectives and purposes of processing the data

  • fulfiling legal obligations, obligations from ordinances, joint norms as well as civilian and taxation laws
  • fulfiling possible contractual liabilities towards the person affected
  • fulfiling activities in connection with the business activity of our company, such as filling out internal statistics, rendering the accounts as well as doing the customer-/ supplier accounting
  • Zobjectives of a business nature, such as sending business information and advertising material (by post, fax and e-mail), marketing and market surveys
  • protecting claims and managing liabilities

Data forwarding

Concerning the mentioned objectives, if required the data is being forwarded

  • to public administrations and authorities, if this is provided by the law
  • to credit institutions, with which “Mein Dörfl” contacts for the management of claims/liabilities and for funding mediation
  • to all natural persons and/or corporate bodies, public and/or private persons (law, administration and tax advice offices, courts, chambers of commerce etc.), if the forwarding is required or is useful for the exercise of the activities of the hotel lake residence “Mein Dörfl”
  • to suppliers/producers, if required for product registration


The data processed by the hotel lake residence “Mein Dörfl” do not underlie any dissemination.

The Form of Data Processing

The data processing can be carried out with or without the help of electronic, in any event automatic, means and contains everything that is provided for in Article 4, paragraph 1, letter a of the Decree No. 196 of June 30th, 2003, which represents the law and which is required for the data processing in question. The data processing will be carried out In every case under compliance of all security procedures which guarantee their security and secrecy.

Data entry in the Context of our Internet Information Service

The computer systems and procedures which are available so the web site functions record certain personal details during normal business, the conveyance of which is characteristic of the use of data exchange protocols in the Internet.This is information which is not recorded in order to assign it to identified persons but which, through processing and linking it to data in the possession of third parties, makes an identification of the users possible due to its composition. The IP-addresses or domain names of the computers which make a connection to the web site, the URI (uniform Resource identifier) addresses of the requested resources, the time of the request and other parameters which refer to the assignment and the computer surroundings of the user are part of this data category. This information is only used for the purpose of collecting anonymous statistical information about the use of the web site and to check whether it is functioning correctly. The data in question can be used to determine liability by means of information technology in the event of criminal offences which damage our web site.

Rights of the Person Affected

The Data Protection Act grants the person affected the opportunity to exercise certain rights according to Article 7. In detail, this means that he/she has the right to receive information about whether data exists about him/her and which data this is, to receive details about this data in an understandable form, to receive information about its origin and the reason and purpose for its having been processed as well as details about the owners and people responsible for the processing and people and categories of people to whom this data might possibly be transmitted.The person affected has the right to update, correct and supplement his/her data as well as to apply for it to be erased, closed and converted into anonymous data if the processing violates legal regulations. He/she has the right, for justifiable reasons, to completely or partly oppose the processing of his/her data if it is being used for the purpose of trade information,  sending advertising material, direct selling or for market research and opinion polling.The rights according to Article 7 can be asserted on the part of the person affected or by a person who has been instructed by him/her by questioning the person responsible for the data processing - Hotel Seeresidence „Mein Dörfl“, Altdorf 11, 39027 Reschen (BZ) - by recorded delivery or an e.mail to 

Owner of the data processing: Hotel Seeresidence „Mein Dörfl“, Altdorf 11, 39027 Reschen (BZ)

19 June 2009